·Developing essential researches in actual themes enhancing the role and value of the Uzbek language and literature in social, cultural and educational and other spheres of the social development of the nation;

  • Increasing the role of the Uzbek language in the fields of fundamental sciences, diplomacy, jurisprudence, banking-financial system, industry, modern information and  communication  technologies;

·Designing modern textbooks, etymologic and comparative dictionaries, creating essential terminology and phrases, concepts and categories.

  • Preparing highly skilled scientific and pedagogical personnel with deep knowledge in the Uzbek language and literature, its specific features, scientific-theoretical, philosophical and aesthetic principles and modern educational technologies;
  • Preparing translators who are able to translate scientific, fiction and other types of literature from the Uzbek language into other foreign languages and also from world languages into the Uzbek language with high quality;
  • Nurturing our young students in the spirit of love and devotion to Motherland, with respect to universal values using rich capabilities of the Uzbek language and literature and turn them into socially mature, independently thinking  individuals with wide outlook;
  • Exploring the historically formed linguistic schools and doctrines, classic and modern methods of the Uzbek language and literature, folklore, the contribution of our great ancestors into the development of Uzbek and world linguistics, their scientific heritage, the role and prestige of our language on international level, it’s relations with other languages, scientific issues regarding  to the development perspectives of the Uzbek language and literature;
  • Creating  a complete academic and educational grammar reflecting the true nature and features of the Uzbek language,  to prepare scientifically- based proposals on improving current spelling rules, it’s sound system and their reflection in writing, and also to create encyclopedias and dictionaries, textbooks and manuals;
  • Conducting scientific investigations on effective methods of  teaching the Uzbek language and literature at secondary schools, academic lyceums and professional colleges, higher educational establishments and implementing advanced-pedagogical technologies on a large scale;

·Getting the Uzbek language a worthy place in the internet global information network, it’s computer methods, scientific-methodical development works concerning  creation of e-books, translation software and dictionaries based on the Uzbek language and other popular foreign languages, to prepare practical recommendations and implementing the results in this regard into practice on a large scale.