Development fundamentals

      Uzbekistan is on the way to develop a democratic jural state and open civil society that provides observance of human rights and freedom, renewal of sociality in the society, formation of socially oriented market economy, and Republic’s integration into the world community.

      The main impetus and aims of the ongoing reforms in the Republic are to create favourable environment and effective mechanisms for individuals, their harmonious development and prosperity, realization of people-centred approach, changing  outdated mentality and old models of social behaviour. The most important condition for the progress in Uzbekistan is the development of a system of training personnel on the basis of rich intellectual legacy of the people as well as global humane values, modern culture, economy, science, and technology.

      National programme of personnel training was developed according to the rules of “the Law On education”of the |Republic of Uzbekistan. It combines in itself symbiosis of national experience and wisdom and best achievements of the world educational system. The Program  is aimed to train a new generation of highly qualified, active, creative personnel that are able to make quick and important independent decisions feeling great responsibility for our motherland’s prospects.

      The development conception of Tashkent state university of the Uzbek language and literature named after Alisher Navoi is formed as an integral part of state educational strategy embodying the National Program of personnel training.