Uzbek literature and culture centers (Nava'i Institutes)

     This institute deals with the Uzbek language, history of the Uzbek language, Uzbek lexicography, science of terminology, Uzbek dialectic, cultured speech in the Uzbek language, social linguistics, psycholinguistics, lingua geography as new direction, Uzbek literature in XX century, present literary process, theory of literature, skill of word and editing, oratory, literary relation and translation, comparative linguistics, to investigate the most zenith problem about Uzbek folklore, organizational issues which is connected with dialectology and folklore expedition.

The institute also specifies collecting regularly the literature specialists scientific researches, directly taking part in scientific workers institutions master degree and scientific activity of universities, in addition,  participating in publishing of the magazine of "The Uzbek language and literature", studying cultural heritage and high spiritual value and introducing scientific usage, servicing

To spiritual development of the Uzbek; collecting, investigating, publishing, delivering, propagandize of the verbal and written source of literature all this objects are the main objects of the institute from ancient periods till now.