Rector of TSUULL

We train the youth with untapped talents, future creative and innovative leaders and representatives of intelligentsia. The good news is that exceptionally smart students of our university are cognizant of the fact that a real sanctuary is in science and scholarship. Their choice naturally fall in studying realising that the most objective and civilized form of selffulfilling and serving the nation is through pursuing knowledge.

The students of us are on the threshold of carrying out their dreams by   showing affection to the Motherland. If one happens to get acquainted with the research work and theses undertaken and defended by our students, there is an assurance that there is no room for any useless deeds and alien ideologies in their minds. With the parental guidance and supervision of our dedicated faculty and staff, the seekers of knowledge have been investigating to make most of the legacy of our  great ancestors like Mahmud Qoshghari, Navo'i, Bobur and Ogahi.

Notwithstanding the complex and multifaceted issues of both classic and contemporary linguistics there is a great hope and encouraging confidence that the graduates of our pioneering University unlike their peers of many generations ago will be equipped to audaciously handle both their professional goals and become humane citizens of our society for many years to come.

I am delighted to share my utmost belief that the people of the pen and literary studies use their divine gift to further boost the strategic objectives and development of our country for it to regain its historically deserving place in an international community of nations. And the one of the main reasons that necessitated the establishment of TSUULL was to make a contribution to the implementation of this grand mission.

Good luck and all the best to all of you as the fact is we are only at the initial stages of an imperative but an extensive route ahead.